Network security


LAN or CAN network communication security is primordial. Indeed, a functional industrial system must send a safety command on the network. The question to ask yourself is "Is the system operational although it is in standby most of the time ?"

SYREG has programmed the below application to perform this function. The network is constantly monitored and if it is out of service, the control center is alerted in a time less than the period of the electrical network (20 ms), i.e. 8 ms..

The ECO-NAI module receives a cabin safety status. As soon as it enters safe mode, the information is transmitted to the ECO-NAI dispatching module in 8 ms. It is essential that the connection between ECO-MCC modules is established smoothly. To do this, a second input set to state "zero" on the ECO-NAI cabin module is programmed to trigger an exit on the dispatching ECO-NAI module. If the network fails, dispatching is immediately notified.

It is important to emphasize that the system is in standby for 99.9% of the time, but whenever there is a problem, we must be sure that the security status is transmitted without faults.


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