0-10V Command


The ECO-NAO module has six 0-10V outputs to control several boilers. Similarly, 12 programmable I/O are included for additional commands.

Outside T° and return boiler are read on the ECO-NAI module from the CAN or RF network (see management of 3-way valve).

The application above is stored in the ECO-MCC station. You enter a range of configuration parameters belonging to ECO-NAO and ECO-NAI modules. You indicate:

  • the maximum temperature of the boiler corresponding to the coldest outside temperature;
  • the minimum temperature of the boiler corresponding to the hottest outside temperature;
  • the maximum temperature variation.

The boiler heating curve is displayed directly in the software.

It is important to note that this curve varies with the seasons. This is easy to fix because the values ​​can be changed remotely via the Internet.


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