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ECO-BTM is a nurse call control unit that performs three functions:

  • It connects to the ECO-BTS button to receive an emergency call
  • It also allows you to send a call by pressing this button on the housing
  • It provides RF communication with ECTRL station ECO-BTM connects to your existing nurse call wiring and a backup battery is placed to allow call management in case of power failure.

ECO-BTM locally controls and visualizes calls and has a visual and audible signals.


ECO-BTM module has the following characteristics:

  • Housing fixed on the wall, usually near the front door or replacing the former nurse call
  • A green button confirms the arrival and/or cancels the call
  • A red button for normal or emergency calls
  • Wireless transmission-reception over a 30m range
  • Internal power supply with battery operation
  • 2-year SYREG warranty

Dimensions Eco-BTM

Can I replace the old nurse call of a competitor with the ECO-BTM module?

Yes, this is very simple, you replace the nurse call button you currently have with the ECO-BTM module. The existing wires are used to supply ECO-BTM and a backup battery can be placed so that the call still operates in the event of an electrical network failure.

How does a classic call work?

In order to make a call via ECO-BTM, the resident presses the red button once. The green button lights up and an audible signal ("beep") is emitted. Simultaneously, the caregivers receive a request for intervention on their smartphone. A caregiver must confirm it is dealing with a resident. At this stage, the green button flashes on the ECO-BTM module in the room, confirming to the patient that the call has been taken into account. Upon arrival in the room, the staff member presses the green button and the intervention is recorded. When the procedure is completed, the staff member enters the cause of the call on his smartphone.

How does an emergency call work?

If a resident wants to make an emergency call, he must press the red button on the ECO-BTM twice.

How does a caregiver call work?

A caregiver can call a colleague to come and assist. A "Help" button appears on his smartphone screen. By clicking on it, other staff receive the assistance request on their smartphone. He may also choose to call for help by pressing the red button on the ECO-BTM once. The nurse who last confirms the end his intervention enters the cause of the call.

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