ECO-HOT radiator valve


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  • 6 - 50 = €105.00
  • 51 - 100 = €98.00
  • 101 - 200 = €93.00
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The motorized ECO-HOT valve controls the radiator. The closure or opening time is +/- 20 seconds. The system is powered by a non-rechargeable battery with a lifespan of +/- 10 years. ECO-HOT valves communicate on the same radio frequency. ECO-HOT address synchronization and configuration are automatic with ECO-REG.

ECO-HOT is compatible with any type of valve body. You just place an appropriate adapter provided in the kit.

ECO-HOT has a modern design without any manual adjustment. Its rounded shape is elegant and prevents vandalism as the housing is attached with a security lock.


The module has the following characteristics:

  • Wireless transmission-reception over a range of 30 m
  • Adapter for all valve bodies
  • Radiator opening or closing order reception
  • The internal battery has a lifespan of about 10 years
  • 2-year SYREG warranty on hardware
  • Automatic addressing and synchronization with ECO-REG
  • Sending operating statistics to ECO-REG
  • No adjustment on the valve (anti-vandalism)

Dimensions Eco-Hot

How to know whether the ECO-HOT valve is compatible with the radiator?

You fix the corresponding adapter piece to the valve body. This is provided in the mounting kit and the manual gives the instructions.

How to change the opening and closing of the radiator?

By increasing the setpoint on the ECO-REG regulator or ECO-MANAGER software with respect to the measured temperature.
NB, you have to exceed the ambient temperature by 0.6 ° C to warm.

Am I notified if the battery is flat?

Yes, the LCD display shows "Batra" and the ECO-MANAGER software displays a heart-shaped icon.
The lifespan of the battery is +/- 10 years and SYREG guarantees 5 years.
It is important to remove the battery if the ECO-HOT module is not in connection with an ECO-REG, otherwise it will discharge unnecessarily.

How to program an ECO-HOT valve?

It's simple, once the ECO-REG regulator requests liaison with ECO-HOT, you push the "config" button. Addressing is automatic.

Will the piston not risk to block?

On the contrary, ECO-HOT continuously monitors whether the piston operates at least once per day. Otherwise, degumming is automatic every 24 hours. This process avoids to block the valve body piston.

Should we replace the valve body piston when installing ECO-HOT?

For correct use, it is advisable to replace your radiators' valve body pistons. The reason is simple : in order to eliminate leaks in a hydraulic installation, installers often inject a sealant in the heating system. This becomes encrusted throughout and reduces the travel performance of the valve body. SYREG warranty does not cover valve body operation.

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