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The ECO-MBUS master module fits directly on the ECO-MCC communication platform. The M-Bus interface permits reading of the energy meters of any manufacturer. Its data stream is transparent with respect to the metering equipment.

The maximum number of counters that can be put on the ECO-MBUS module depends on the quality of the communication cable and on its length. Continuous supply must also be of good quality.

The ECO-MBUS module is simple and compact. It uses the latest electronics technology to ensure high reliability.


The ECO-MBUS master module has the following characteristics:

  • Electrical insulation between ECO-MBUS and ECO-MCC station
  • 21 ... 36 Vdc external power supply
  • Internal protection against short circuits
  • The standard ECO-MBUS can connect to +/- 40 meters
  • The maximum distance between ECO-MBUS master and meters is 350m. This distance depends on the cable resistance, which must not exceed 25 ohms with a minimum section of 0.5mm². The higher the section, the better the transmission quality and the maximum range.
  • The baud rate varies from 300 to 38,400 bits/s. The rate depends on the capacitance of the cable, which must not exceed 10 nF/100 m

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What types of cables to use with M-Bus?

The cable quality is important, you must use a cable with low capacity per meter. For not too long distances, you can use a RJ45 cable.

How to power ECO-MBUS and what is the current consumed?

ECO-MBUS requires a maximum supply of 36V. Always use materials that have the necessary accreditations required for protection. ECO-MBUS meets all functional and parametric requirements. For a wired network M-Bus charged with 250 slave counters consuming 1.5mA totaling 375 mA, with a protection against short-circuits (+/- 100mA) and a slave communication unit (+/- 20 mA), we reach a current consumption of +/- 0.5 A.

What is the communication rate?

The rate depends on many parameters. The most important is the capacity of the cable as well as the resistance. Section plays an important role because the higher the section is, the better the cable performance. The rate varies from 300 to 38400 baud.

How to set the ECO-MBUS part with the meter?

The energy meter sends data compatible with the M-Bus protocol. A setup program can read data from devices connected to the MBUS network. It is necessary to use SYREG's service to help you configure the meter in the ECO-MANAGER software.

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