ECO-MCC master module


  • 1 - 3 = €645.00
  • 4 - 8 = €628.00
  • 9 - 15 = €609.00
  • 16 - 20 = €593.00
  • 21 and more = €578.00


€645.00 Excl. Tax

The ECO-MCC communication platform incorporates a setup application for LAN-CAN-RF network. This multi-networks platform can address 65.000 ECO-MCC and connects to the Web to save or read the data.

Each ECO-MCC is autonomous and can be programmed with a user-friendly graphical interface that can be downloaded from the website.

It is possible to add ECO-MBUS, ECO-UART, ECO-REL options to extend the ECO-MCC platform connection possibilities. The modern and compact design fits perfectly in an electrical panel. There is a wall box version.


The module has the following characteristics:

  • Wireless reception to other ECO-MCC
  • Internal battery with 2-day backup (the battery can be extended for more capacity)
  • Addressing 65,000 ECO-MCC stations per site 4Gb MicroSD
  • 4Gb for internal storage
  • Automatic synchronization of the stations on LAN
  • Communication on LAN-CAN-RF networks
  • CAN network with galvanically isolated internal supply
  • 12 ... 24 Vdc - 0.6 A external power supply

Options: the cards below connect directly to the ECO-MCC module

  • ECO-MBUS master for reading energy meters
  • ECO-UART for reading 3 meters and a serial port
  • ECO-REL to control 48 external relay different from ECO-NUM modules

Dimensions eco-mcc

What metrics are useful?

Each ECO-MCC has a unique address on 4 bytes called UID (eg 4AE9). This is indicated on the ECO-MCC housing. To connect a computer, the ECO-MCC platform has a default IP address equal to

How to connect the ECO-MCC platform?

You connect a LAN cable (RJ45) on the platform. The default IP address is with a mask Your computer must be on the same subnet.

How to set the ECO-MCC platform?

Download the ECO-NETWORK utility in the software section, launch it on your computer and specify the UID field in the corresponding address (noted on the housing). A configuration page will open.

Is ECO-MCC platform visible on the Internet?

Yes, as soon as ECO-MCC is connected to the modem connected to the Internet, the communication with the server SYREG is automatic. The data is sent directly to SYREG's data center.

What is my modem configuration?

An ADSL modem with Dynamic IP address. The ECO-MCC module sends the IP address of the modem to SYREG's data center so that the server can communicate with ECO-MCC platforms. A fixed IP address is unnecessary.

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