ECO-PROX opening detector


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The ECO-PROX opening detector is fixed with an adhesive on the upper mobile part of the window or door. PROX-ECO is compatible with all types of frames. The ECO-PROX communicate on the same radio frequency and ECO-PROX address synchronization as well as configuration are automatic with ECO-REG.

ECO-PROX presents a modern design in one single part. Its small dimensions allow an unobtrusive integration with the frame.


The module has the following characteristics:

  • Wireless transmission - reception over a range of 30 m
  • One single component with adhesive fixation
  • Optical detection of the state change
  • The internal battery has a 10-years lifespan 2-year SYREG warranty
  • Automatic synchronization with the ECO-REG regulator
  • Transmission test button

dimensions eco-prox

How to know whether the ECO-PROX detector is compatible with the window or door?

The ECO-PROX detector is placed on the upper mobile part. It is compatible with all types of double glazing frames. The detector should be parallel to the detection surface. The maximum sensing distance is 15 mm.

How does the detector work?

The ECO-PROX detector operates by light wave and measures the opening gap relative to the fixed frame. An intelligent algorithm recognizes the state of the window, depending on the color of the chassis, its thickness, its lighting, exposure, ...

Am I notified if the battery is flat?

Yes, the LCD display shows "BATFE" and the ECO-MANAGER software displays a heart-shaped icon.
The internal battery has a 10-years lifespan and SYREG guarantees 5 years.
It is important to remove the battery if the ECO-PROX module is not in connection with an ECO-REG otherwise it will discharge unnecessarily.

How to program an ECO-PROX detector?

It's simple, once ECO-REG regulator request liaison with ECO-PROX, you press the "config" button to assign an automatic address. In case of failure, the approach is the same.

Can I place the detector in vertical instead of horizontal position?

Yes, the antenna integrated in the ECO-PROX module is omnidirectional.

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