ECO-REG/LT regulator



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The ECO-REG/LT is a simplified version of ECO-REG, adapted for private houses. It displays the room temperature and adjusts it according to the instructions received by radio waves. Cyclically, the ECO-REG/LT regulator transmits its operating statistics to the ECONTROL/LT central station. ECO-REG/LT synchronization is fully automatic with ECO-HOT/LT modules.

You can place up to 16 ECO-REG/LT regulators to manage 16 rooms.

The design is modern and slim. Its highly reduced size and thickness of 17 mm makes it the flattest regulator in the world.


The module has the following characteristics:

  • LCD operating display (T ° , setpoint, ...)
  • Wireless transmission-reception over a range of 30 m
  • 44 time slots configurable by programming
  • Internal supply by ultrasensitive photovoltaic cell
  • The internal battery has a 10-year lifespan
  • 2-year SYREG warranty on hardware
  • One ECO-REG/LT can manage ECO-HOT/LT valves
  • Maximum 16 ECO-REG/LT per building
  • Sending operating statistics to ECONTROL/LT station

Dimensions Eco-REg

How to know whether my boiler is compatible with the ECO-REG/LT regulator

The ECO-REG/LT regulator is compatible with all boilers. You have to check that your hydraulic system includes a security bypass between the supply and the return of the heating circuit. This is mandatory for installations.

How to change room temperature?

Either by changing the setpoint in ECO-MANAGER/HOME (see program) Either on ECO-REG/LT by pressing the "SET" button and then the up or down arrow. Confirm change by pressing "SET" again.

Am I notified if the battery is flat ?

Yes, the LCD display shows "BAT" and the ECO-MANAGER/HOME software indicates a heart-shaped icon. The lifespan of the battery is 10 years and SYREG guarantees 5 years.

How to program ECO-REG/LT regulator?

It's simple, you indicate its identifier from 1 to 16 and the ECONTROL/LT address. You configure each ECO-HOT/LT related to ECO-REG/LT by pressing the setup button.

Is the ECO-REG/LT regulator visible on the Internet?

Once the ECONTROL/LT station is connected to the modem connected to Internet, it sends SYREG's data center its operating information. Data is sent cyclically.

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