ECO-REP repeater


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€385.00 Excl. Tax

The ECO-REP repeater improves radio communication between ECO-REG and the ECONTROL central station. Retransmission is done on the same radio frequency and ECO-REG modules remain synchronized. Regeneration of the signal from the ECO-REG is transparent with respect to the messages transmitted, thereby improving the quality of communication.

The repeater has no address but includes an ECO-REG transition table which is programmed from a configuration tool.

You can put multiple repeaters on the same ECONTROL.


The module has the following characteristics:

  • Wireless transmission-reception over a range of 100 m
  • RF remote antenna
  • Repeats ECO-REG messages
  • 220V internal power supply
  • Programmable repeater configuration
  • 5-year SYREG warranty
  • Possibility of multiple transponders on the same ECONTROL

Dimensions eco-rep

How is the ECO-REP repeater module powered?

The repeater must be permanently connected to the 220V power grid.

How is the ECO-REP repeater placed?

You can put the ECO-REP repeater in a false ceiling and exceed the remote antenna.

Can I place several ECO-REP?

Yes, you can put several ECO-REP on an ECONTROL station.

How to program ECO-REP repeater?

A configuration tool allows you to program the ECO-REG transition table.

Is ECO-REG repeater visible on the Internet?

No, because the ECO-REP repeater is transparent with respect to the messages it sends.

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