ECONTROL/LT central station



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The ECONTROL/LT central station allows is a basic version of ECONTROL, adapted to suit the needs of private home owners. This platform is compact and communicates across multiple network types, such as: LAN-CAN-RF to allow Technical Building Management (BMS).

ECONTROL/LT is connected to the customer's modem and sends SYREG's data center statistical data from the building control.

One single ECONTROL/LT station can be installed per building, to control 16 ECO-REG/LT regulators. The whole is synchronized to the same radio frequency.


The module has the following characteristics:

  • Wireless reception transmission to ECO-REG/LT
  • Backup lasts 1/2 hours to 4 hours according to battery size
  • 1 ECONTROL/LT per building
  • Commands maximum 16 ECO-REG/LT and 64 ECO-HOT/LT
  • 4Gb internal storage memory
  • Automatic stations synchronization on LAN
  • LAN-CAN-RF network communication

Dimensions econtrol

How to place the ECONTROL/LT station?

Positioning must be centralized with respect to ECO-REG/LT regulators. You measure the ECO-REG/LT's transmission quality with ECONTROL/LT by placing the controller in "RF test" mode. The ECO-REG/LT regulator sends 200 messages and requests a delivery statuts notification. The transmission error rate is displayed on the controller. You can move the controller in the room to get a better reception.

How to set the ECONTROL/LT station?

The ECONTROL station includes pre-programmed time slots for the different rooms. Once the customer has configured the settings for each room, remote management and accounting softwares are operational. All operating statistical data of each regulator are sent to the SYREG's data center on the Web.


The ECO-REG/LT regulators synchronize automatically with the ECONTROL/LT. The ECO-HOT/LT and ECO-PROX/LT devices synchronize automatically with the ECO-REG/LT module. The number of modules synchronized per radio frequency is 1*16*4 = 64 ECO-xxx modules.

Is the ECONTROL/LT station visible on the Internet?

Yes, as soon as the ECONTROL/LT station is connected to the modem connected to the Internet, communication with SYREG's data center is automatic. Data is sent continuously.

What is the modem configuration?

The modem is ADSL or other type with a dynamic IP address. This address is sent to SYREG's data center so Web server connects to centralized stations ECONTROL/LT. A fixed IP address is unnecessary.

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