ECTRL station



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One ECTRL station can handle up to 16 ECO-BTM boxes. Depending on the extent of the building, it is possible to install up to 62 ECTRL stations. The ECO-CALL system enables more than 992 rooms to be fitted with radio frequency communication.

The ECTRL station's main function is to operate as relay between calls made from a room and the server that records calls. To ensure that the ECO-CALL system is flawless, it continues to send a request receipt message as long as the server does not send a confirmation that it has received the call from the station.

The modern and compact design fits perfectly in the room. In addition, its external antenna enable it to be discreetly placed.


The ECTRL station is very compact and has the following characteristics:

  • LAN network server communication
  • Wireless transmission-reception to ECO-BTM
  • 6h internal battery backup
  • Addressing 1 ... 62 stations per site
  • 4Gb memory for internal storage
  • Automatic station synchronization on the LAN
  • Reliable information relay to the server

Dimensions Station ECRTL

How to place the ECRTL station?

Positioning must be centralized with respect to ECO-BTM.

Is the ECRTL station visible on the Internet?

Yes, as soon as ECRTL station is connected to the modem connected to the Internet, communication with SYREG's server is automatic. Data are continuously sent to SYREG's data center.

How to set the ECTRL station?

Each ECRTL station includes ECO-BTM pre-programming and the software is operational as soon as the customer has configured the settings.

What is the modem configuration?

The modem is at least ADSL with Dynamic IP address. This address is sent to SYREG's data center so that the server on the cloud connects to centralized ECRTL stations. A fixed IP address is unnecessary.

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