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The ECO-BTS (for "bouton satellite" or "satellite button") zipper button is mobile and can be placed anywhere in the room. ECO-BTS contain no LED nor sound system, but enable the call to be located. This makes it possible to accurately determine from which place the person made a call (bed, shower, toilet, chair, etc.).

The ECO-BTS unit has only one button, but it acts exactly like the red ECO-BTM button. It is thus possible to make a conventional call, an urgent call or request help via ECO-BTS. For more details, please refer to the user manual.


The ECO-BTS satellite button is very compact and has the following characteristics:

  • Fixation in a classic recessed housing
  • Radio frequency communication
  • Mobile and ergonomic button
  • Precise location of the call (bathroom, bedroom, living room, ...)
  • Wireless transmission - reception over a 30m range
  • Battery powered
  • 5-year SYREG warranty on batteries and 2-year on hardware

Dimensions ECO-BTS

How many ECO-BTS buttons can be set per room or resident?

For maximum security and comfort, up to 7 ECO-BTS can be placed in one single room. It is up to you to determine strategic locations based on each of your residents and their needs.

Can we replace the old nurse call of a competitor with the ECO-BTS module?

Yes, this is very simple, you replace the nurse call button you currently have with the ECO-BTS module. The existing wires are used to supply ECO-BTS and a backup battery can be placed so that the call still operates in the event of an electrical network failure.

How do the calls work?

Conventional calls function by pulling or pushing the button. Functioning is the same as with the ECO-BTM button.

Can the ECO-BTS button protect the person?

When installing the ECO-BTS modules, you configure a degree of urgency on each button. It is important to note that a call made from the bathroom is considered more urgent than a call made from the resident's bed.

How can the ECO-BTS mobile button detect a fall?

The verticality control option integrated in the ECO-BTS module allows to determine whetehr the person is in horizontal position. This requires secure the module to the garment in order to avoid mistakes.

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